Photo Post: Tulsa Zoo, February 21, 2009

I normally write about it when we go to the zoo, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed for the past several months and I would like to post here more, so I’m going back over things that I have happened recently.

I normally shoot the zoo exclusively with the 75-300mm lens, it’s kind of irresistible. I decided I would leave that lens on my film rebel this time around and shoot with something else. I took photos less and enjoyed the zoo more.

There were lots of talkative people at the zoo. It was kind of a slow day because it was a bit chilly outside. This docent talked to us for quite a while. The cuckoo was also quite friendly.

Friendly Guira Cuckoo!

Common Marmoset!

Shaun stared at the Pig-Nosed Turtle for a long time. The creepy part is that it stared right back for a long time. Eugh.

Thank you Tulsa Zoo for serving veggie burgers.

We had animal crackers for dessert.

This was the only zebra I saw, it was too cold for the real ones to be outside.

My love affair with the room dividing chains continues.

I liked the partially painted wall on the seasonally closed building. The bathrooms didn’t stink as much as they usually do, either.

The jaguar was snacking.

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