Well, it’s been a while. After slogging through NaNoWriMo I took a bit of a holiday break from the blog…

the dad
Some of you already know, and some may have caught on from following links to my flickr, that my dad was in the hospital from October 24 through December 14th, when he passed away. It’s been really difficult to write here knowing that I would feel the need to start with this… and so I haven’t. Day by day I have gone in to more detail on flickr, little things, mostly, as well as sharing a myriad of childhood photos, if you’re interested, the link to my flickr is in the sidebar. Christmas has been, understandably, more overwhelming than usual, though I have always been lucky enough to actually like my family, receive thoughtful and extremely appropriate gifts and enjoy a relatively stress-free holiday. I don’t expect it will ever be exactly the same, but we did fairly well given the circumstances, remembering good things and enjoying each others company.

I’m not going to linger now, I just wanted to give those who don’t follow me elsewhere an update and explain my absense. I hope you’ve all had a good holiday & have a happy 2009.



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  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your father and I know it had to be difficult.

    It’s amazing what the death of a family member does to family gatherings. The first year after my grandfather died no one had cut the turkey or ham when it came time to eat because he had always done it and we never had to worry with it. It was a weird feeling when we realized what had happened but it also made us appreciate the ways he affected our lives that we never realized. I’m sure you found that to be true too.

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