90.I’m sitting here wrapped in a blanket wearing fingerless gloves on the eve of my NaNoWriMo 2008 triumph. I meant to keep this blog updated throughout the month, and if you are curious about noveling trials past, you can read them on my flickr, where, on days when I worked on my novel, I wrote a short paragraph and appended it to my 365 days self portrait for the day. The best way to view them is by checking out my nanowrimo tag on flickr.

Today? Today I wrote 4,117 words. They were a bit mushy and nonsensical in the middle, but I have not resorted to many of my usual NaNoWriMo word count buffers this month. I did not insert a sequence in which the main female character found herself wrapped up in a sex scene in a trashy romance novel. This is the first time that has not been featured, sometimes more than once, sometimes to the extent that it becomes a major plot point, in one of my NaNoWriMo novels.  I am proud to say that there have been no thrusting man swords or velvety woman’s places in this novel.  When I have felt that awful ache of writer’s block in my stomach I have not written a stream of consciousness adventure in to the surreal that had absolutely nothing to do with the main characters dilemma. I have not recounted my dreams of the night previous as if they were the dreams of my main character. What have I done? I have trudged through bad terrible really awful dialog which often ended with something like, “they both tittered at the hilarity of their awesome jokes.” BUT it was on topic. All of my sucking was pertinent.

Tomorrow? Four half hour writing sessions at approximately 1,000 words a pop.  Can I fit a seance, betrayal and the attempted sleep walking suicide of my main character who will be saved by the man whom she has never even addressed on a first name basis but to whom she will end up with in a happily ever after scenario into 4,000 words? I can certainly try.

In addition to keeping thoroughly ahead on my NaNoWriMo word count, I have kept up with my daily photography projects, visited my dad in the hospital almost every week day, fully rearranged the living room furniture and finished most of my Christmas shopping.

46072 / 50000 words. 92% done!


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  1. It’s so interesting contrasting what writers do to complete their daily tasks. I write twice a day: 90+ percent of the time it’s editing. I’m much slower than most: I will transcribe (from longhand) or edit an already word-processed piece probably a thousand words at a time.

    The best to you and your efforts, as well as to your projects. I look forward to reading more soon!

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