Another #100happydays! Days 51-100

The first 50 days are here.


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I’m so happy with my second #100happydays set. The last 50 days have been full of Halloween and Christmas, because holidays cheer me up as the winter blues approach.  Lots of lights and good food and time with my favorite person. I’ll probably start another set in December. I want to capture more Christmas!

NaNoWriMo 2014: Days 12 – 16

320.Got a bit behind updating here, as I usually do during the glumpy week twos. I took a couple of days off last week, but only when I had the word count to spare. I’ve kept about a bit ahead of daily requirements and even with some intense desires to quit, for both Shaun and I myself, we stuck it out and I feel pretty good about what I have going on right now. Events have taken place. Things are happening. Marriage, kidnapping, intrigue!

My self portrait theme this week is yoga, just to make sure I do it in the midst of NaNoWriMo and I feel pretty great. It snowed yesterday! I took a bubble bath today. I smell like geraniums. I have no idea what I’m going to cook for dinner because we decided not to go to the grocery store yesterday while it was snowing. Shaun is going to get the stuff on my list on his way home from work, but all my planned dinners this week were for the slow cooker, so it doesn’t do a lot of good to get ingredients around 4pm. But I’ll rustle something together. We have lentils for days and days, after all.

It’s getting harder and harder to share bits of my novel. This happens every year too. But whatever! Here we find our heroine experiencing her own bout of the week twos:

Thinking about her novel sent her on another spiral. Her stupid, terrible novel. She should go downstairs right now and thrust it into the fire, but no, here’s Georgette standing in the open door and she can see what a waste of space you are.

Here’s a peek at my spreadsheet wordcounts so far this month: nano111614



27841 / 50000 words. 56% done!

NaNoWriMo 2014: Days 10 & 11


I only managed one session on Monday (Day 10) but it was a pretty good one! 1,062 in a half hour. We got a late start and then the timer on my dinner prep was about to go off so I had to sit out the next session. I told myself I would write a little bit on my own the next day.

My favorite line from Monday, in which our heroine responds to a shocking proposal:

“I don’t understand. You hardly know me. And really…” she shook her head. “This is my best. Crying on a settee is me at my best.”

I fell into a few NaNoWordSprints sessions, a 10, a 15 and a 30. I got 367, 440 and 1,189 words respectively! And respectably. 1,189 is my best 30 minute count this year. When Shaun got home I wrote another 30 minute session with him, so my total for the day was 2,969!

Favorite paragraph from Tuesday (Day 11), in which an engagement is looking pretty unlikely:

“In quiet moments when she turns to me and catches my peculiar glance and asks, so innocently, ‘what are you thinking about?’ and I say… a difficult sewing pattern, what to have for dinner, if I should turn in early tonight because I feel a bit tired. But instead I have been thinking about what it would feel like to shoot her in the throat. What if one day, I did it?” Emilia was shaking now. “You think you understand that I am… troubled. You don’t see that I am dangerous.”



20815 / 50000 words. 42% done!

NaNoWriMo 2014: Days 7 – 9

311.I spent a fair amount of time trying to work up the gumption to write on Friday (Day 7). Eventually Shaun and I decided we would try to write a little extra on Saturday instead and took the evening off.

Saturday (Day 8) was a pretty successful day. We really had to pep ourselves up for it, but I finally found some excitement within my novel and stopped for the day in the middle of a very revealing scene I thought would be easy to pick up from. Shaun and I sat down for a couple of 30 minute sessions and I finished the day with 1,910 words written. We went for a really nice walk afterward and I bought a few rolls of film.

Today (Day 9) I hopped out of bed and wrote my weekly menu and grocery list . We got a trip to the store taken care of pretty early. When we got home we had some delicious hot tea and wrote a couple of 30 minute sessions, getting me 2,112 words closer to the end. Fun stuff is happening in my novel. It’s not very week two-ish and I feel a little weird about it but I hope it keeps being this fun!

Currently, within my gothic novel, my heroine is writing a gothic novel, here’s the last thing she wrote:

As he closed the heavy, oak door with a thud, we had recoiled too quickly for innocence, and he had known. He had seen. He had known. His eyes were aflame with a quiet rage.


16784 / 50000 words. 34% done!

NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 6


Foggy brained morning writing attempts.

My writing yesterday feels a bit like a dream. I really want to get a tidy lead before the tooth-pulling that is week two. I spent the morning in my normal daily pursuits, slow cooking, yoga, housework. I started writing around 2pm with @NaNoWordSprints with a 15 and then a 30 minute sprint and finished up just before Shaun got home from work. I got 545 for the 15 and I finally had another 1,000+ session, just barely, with 1,002 words in the 30. Shaun and I wrote another 30 minute session together almost immediately and I did even better with 1,010 words!  My hands felt all numb and burny after that and I really wanted to stop for the day, but Shaun really wanted to stop too and he’d only written one session. I gave Shaun a rousing pep talk that pepped me as well, (If we write one more 30 minute session toegther I’ll make us cornbread muffins to go with the slow cooked chili!) and so we did, cornbread muffins happened, as well as a pretty full evening of cozy TV watching and non-noveling relaxation that tasted all the sweeter for having such hefty word counts under our belts.

All told I wrote 3,524 words for the day. Instead of sharing the last lines I wrote, which were contextually uninteresting, I’ll share my favorite line, instead. It’s from a ridiculously gothic dream sequence and is probably contextually uninteresting as well. I wrote a lot of words I needed to write but they weren’t the prettiest. That’s okay, though, there are always great swathes of terrible words (which in retrospect I don’t think are that bad) with some real gems tucked here and there in NaNoWriMo, and… it’s worth it.

His dying words filled her with an unexpected and crushing disappointment, “How could you do this? Who… are… you?”

12762 / 50000 words. 26% done!

#100happydays day 87

Recipe from Isa Does It, can be found online here.

NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 5

Untitled Yesterday was pretty good. I really got on top of things around the house. There are so many things I have struggled with in the past that I feel I have some grasp on now. November has always been the time when things especially fall away, but now that I have established this sturdy framework of house cleaning and meal cooking it doesn’t seem quite so bad.

Reading back on previous Day 5s, though, I can tell there is this common thread of how I feel on any given November day. For one thing I always put the Christmas tree up around this time. Part of that may be NaNoWriMo procrastination, but part of it is probably a seasonal depression that I have been denying forever, because I love Autumn/Winter the most, I couldn’t possibly feel seasonal depression! The first thing that gets me through it is Halloween and the second is Christmas and I’m going to go with what works for me. Cheery lights are super important to my well being.

So I cleaned the house and assembled the tree and waited for Shaun to get home. We wrote a couple of 30 minute sessions. I’m not doing as well as I usually do, I’ve still only had one 1000+ word session, but I’m getting my words every day and keeping a touch ahead of the official daily goal. After writing and eating leftover curry we put on Edward Scissorhands for a touch of Spooky Christmas celebration. The month between Halloween & Christmas involves their merging around Thanksgiving like a cornucopia of tasty holidays. Shaun took apart the Vampyre Castle lego we built in October to make room for the Christmas Village lego we will build in December and I hung lights and tinsel on the tree and then we put on the ornaments. It was nice and so cheering.

At the end of the day I had written 1,669 words.


9238 / 50000 words. 18% done!

NaNoWriMo, the first four days!

305.It’s kind of a weird thing. For my husband, Shaun, November 1 falling on a Saturday is ideal. A nice weekend start to NaNoWriMo. This is probably true for most people. But for me, it means I put off cleaning piles of Halloween messes. Or I don’t put it off, perhaps, and I do everything and I feel completely overwhelmed.

Shaun and I took down all of the exterior decor on Saturday after we both got over 2k plugged into our novels. On Sunday I packed away the interior stuff, after getting just enough words in for the day. But I didn’t do the dishes, I let them go. Sometimes dishes are my own personal demon, I guess, and that’s not the worst demon to have. I feel silly about my feelings sometimes, but that’s not being fair to myself. I get overwhelmed about the dishes, it’s just my thing. It’s okay.

I did the dishes, twice, on Monday, as well as 6 other items on my to do list, including my best single writing session so far this NaNoWriMo (1,017 in 30 minutes), slow cooking a giant Indian feast (in two slow cookers!), intensely fabulous yoga, and cleaning the floors. Everything is going to be fine. Writing that here makes me believe it most of all.

I had plans, and they’re not completely abandoned, to really use prompts with this novel. My novel and characters have all been named somewhat randomly and I initially used some prompts from the NaNoWordSprints twitter. Then I realized I didn’t give a fig about my novel. It’s not something I would be interested in reading. Why would I write something like that? It’s guaranteed to come back and bite me in week 2. So I reassessed. What’s my favorite-favorite to write and read? Gothic novels. The ones with damsels in nightdresses fleeing foreboding castles on the cover. A touch of Northanger Abbey style parody and a mix of Dickens & Wodehouse humor and you have me, no matter what that quiz said about my writing style most resembling H.P. Lovecraft. It must come from my tendency towards unnameable horrors. Luckily I caught this on Sunday before I had invested much of anything into the novel. I started over and found that thread of horror and humor I was so desperately lacking in my first attempt. Bring on those painfully ridiculous run-on sentences, brain, I have much need of them.

Speaking of paragraph long sentences, my trademark, here’s the last line I wrote yesterday. Sharing my last lines of each session was a custom I quite enjoyed a few years ago that somehow fell off. Fingers crossed I continue to enjoy this novel enough to keep it up!

The whole afternoon had been a bust, in regards to Georgette, but Emilia felt inspired to pick up her pen that evening nonetheless, writing several humorous descriptive passages about Bundle, Markle and Ballywag, and one paragraph about her dark stranger that heated her cheeks even as she crumpled it up and threw it into the fire.

Today we went and voted as soon as Shaun got home. I started another slow cooked meal this morning so I was free to write twice with him through my usual dinner cooking time. This has really freed up my days for faffing about on the internet. Joy! Anyway, I wrote 2,151 words today. The last line of my last session was:

She sipped a glass of mulled wine and let her cheeks get pleasantly warm as Muriel mentioned some embarrassing detail of their youth that greatly amused everyone.



7569 / 50000 words. 15% done!

A Day in Photos: October 31, 2014


7am: Shaun wakes me up with coffee! We usually have our coffee by closet light, this time of year that is very dark!


So I turned the light on, cheers mister!


Morning face!


Lotsa notifications over night because it’s Halloween!


7:28am: Shaun ready & off to work.

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